La Vida

BTW, We Were on TV Again Last Night

Every once in a while, Im delighted by a mini sspike in díga(traffic). This is through no doing of my own as I often get so caught up in my money making work (because it turns out I do need it, after all) that I forget to give my little blog the love and care she deserves. After all, had it not been for the díga(blog), producers from House Hunters International, the immensely popular television program on HGTV, would not have reached out inviting us on the show. And people who are not related to me would have no reason to stop by the blog and say hello. Since the show aired Ive received some really lovely emails from viewers checking in on how we are. It makes my day. Honestly, it makes my week.

I have yet to see the show on television and, while they did send me a dvd copy, the disk drive on my mac is jammed and Ezra did something funky with that copy anyway. I have been waiting and waitingand waiting for the show to pop up online somewhere so I can stick my hand up and wave, hello! Were the Robert and Emily + Ezra from House Hunters International! Thats us! Via a blog post, of course, because thats how I most often interact with the English speaking world nowadays. That and on Facebook, Twitter. Skype.

Im so lonely.

Well, it turns out a clip of it is online. But I cant watch it as Im on the wrong side of the pond. Hulu, Netflix and Bravo do the same thing (blocking international viewers) forcing me to pirate websites to get my fix of Real Housewives. It makes me feel dirty.…

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