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dipped sh*t

Being a mom is DIY enough. One day, though, I will find some sh*t and dip it.

Let me just say that I dont care how non-crafty you claim to be, these dip-dyed jobs are easy and therapeutic enough to bring out anyone’s inner Martha.

Vista! Mugs from Poketo (via Dwell) make me feel like I can dip anything, from my husband to my kidor maybe just some mugs from the € shop.


Stains happen, especially when there are children involved. Instead of tucking them under the table like I usually do, Im gonna to dip that sh*t.

(The tablecloth, not the kid.)


I came across these baskets in an issue of Martha Stewart Living this summer. For the first time ever I felt like Martha finally got me.


There is no way in hell I could dip a secretary quite like this. A baby, maybe.

These stoolsmy inspiration.

The next time I invite you into my dining room, some sh*t will be dipped. I promise you that. Yes, dipping is a summertime trend, one thats meant to remind us of beachy horizons. The fall, though, strikes me as the perfect time to take on new projects like these to embrace that inner Martha, give her a home she can make her own. While spring is heralded as the season of new beginnings, I am more inclined to attribute that to autumn. Spring is for the young, the flirty, people who are too busy enjoying evenings al fresco to hunker down with some sh*t to dip. Autumn is the season for inventory, reinvention, and DIY renovation.

One can dip with dye, immerse candles in wax, drop baskets in paint. The point is to embolden ordinary objects with streaks of color. Martha, my new guru, says the lines neednt be precise; that its the irregularities that make dipped sh*t so appealing. Theres a life lesson in that, surely.

(She so gets it.)

as they say, if you cant duct it, f*ck it; if its feeling typical, remember that its dippable.

Glean from that what you may.

UPDATE 10/3/11, 12.13 a.m.:

As I was posting this on my Google + I came across a story that, uh, makes me feel a smidgen less Martha.

Images: Dwell; Martha Stewart; Design*Sponge; Swash and a Sprinkle; Architects for Life; The Style Files

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