What does Díga(Mean)?
Díga literally translates to say or tell in español, a language that you will find interspersed throughout many of my posts. Thats because were an English speaking household that lives in Spain most of the time. The only people that practice spanish with me include my kid, my tutor, and my blog.

Dígas a (she)blog written by yo.

Whats the Díga(Blog) about?
Three months after becoming a mother, my husband and I were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. I looked at the city that I loved and thanked my lucky stars for every lesson and experience collected along the way. And then I kind of went eh, is that all there is?

In theory, the Brooklyn mom thing I could do. But the idea of feeling overworked, underpaid and priced out in either spirit or pocket made me want towell, move.

☞ Simply put, it was an unsustainable lifestyle.

A month or so later we sold 80% of our possessions and left.

That catharsis forced me to prioritize things totally differently, particularly my time and space, both of which felt on short order. For me to be the change to live it meant digging into a new philosophy for living, reshaping my views on stability and success, and designing a new set of lifestyle rules based on the principles of sustainability and mindful living.

☞ Because lifestyle rules. Everything else is clutter.